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Baseball Gloves!

Baseball Gloves!

If you play baseball or softball, you need a good, dependable baseball glove. The right baseball glove can make the difference in your game.

Below are some suggestions for finding the right baseball glove:

How To Buy A Baseball Glove from:

Gloves, like the hands they fit, come in a variety of sizes. Baseball and softball gloves also are geared to fit both the position you play and the level of your game. Keep these factors in mind when you decide which style, size, features and materials best suit your game.

Determine the glove that best suits your fielding position
First base
Find the features that fit your game
Suit the glove to your ability
Fit the glove to your hand
Determine the glove that best suits your fielding position.

Gloves are made to better help you field your position. A key element in determining the size mitt you buy is the position you play in the field.


A fingerless mitt (it does not have individual fingers)
Has heavy padding to reduce the sting from the pitcher's throw
Reinforced to withstand the

heavy use throughout a game.

First base

Also resembles a mitten, but has less padding than the catcher's mitt
It is longer to help the first baseman field throws from infielders
A shallow pocket allows the first baseman to quickly retrieve the ball from the mitt.


A five-fingered glove with a shallow pocket
A youth size is between 9 - 11 inches
Adults 10 1/2 to 11 1/2 inch is the typical baseball size
Softball infielder gloves have a deeper pocket to accept the bigger ball
Second basemen need a smaller glove to help make those quick throws while still having control shortstops use something in the middle for grounders and quick throws Third basemen need a larger glove.


Usually sized at 12 to12 1/2-inches for adults, about 11 inches for children. A deeper pocket to handle balls hit high in the air
Longer length to give as much reach as possible.

If you plan to play several positions, find a glove that provides the most control for a variety of outfield positions.

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