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My Prize Piece of Baseball Memorabilia
My Prize Piece of Baseball Memorabilia Back in the day ... I used to deal in baseball cards, and some memorabilia in the mid to late 1980's. Through an old client I had the opportunity to sell a very rare piece of baseball lore. The piece that I...

By Their 30th Birthday

Some Interesting Baseball Statistics

By their 30th birthday. many players had made a name for themselves. Here are some facts.

By the year they turned 30 years of age..

Ty Cobb had a lifetime batting average of .370 He finished with a mark of .367 when he retired

Wade Boggs had a lifetime batting average of .356 When done his lifetime average was .328

Joe Jackson had a .356 average and completed his career with .358

Ken Griffey Jr. had 438 home runs when he completed his season in his 30th year. That was year 2000. As of August 28th 2005, he has 531 home runs He has averaged less than 20 home runs per year over the last 4.8 years.

Lou Gehrig By his 30th birthday he had 1285 Runs Batted In. That year was up to and including 1933. From 1934 to 1938 he had 709 RBIs. And in 1939 in eight games he had one more RBI. His falloff was not too severe after he turned 30. He averaged 141 RBIs in his last five full years of his career.

Mickey Mantle had 1251 walks when he ended the 1962 season. He is

number one on the list of most walks by your 30th birthday. He finished with 1733 after his final year in 1968.

Lou Brock Completed his career with 938 stolen bases. 604 of those stolen bases took place during and after he turned 30 years of age. In 1974 when he turned 35 he stole 118 bases. He was also thrown out 33 times in 1974 That's a lot of running.

Otis Nixon Stole 515 of his 620 bases from the time he turned 30 to when he retired. The latter part of his career proved to be his most productive time. 83% of his stolen bases were swiped. when most players start to slow down. I guess he was revving up.

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