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Are You A Side-Line Coach
With spring in the air, flower’s and baseball are in full bloom. As the father of a nine-year old son, each day is spent perfecting the art of baseball. This includes making that perfect pitch to first base, snagging those ground balls and...

Exercise and Kids: The difference between training children and adults!
Copyright 2005 Raymond Kelly The greatest mistake a person can make when exercising with children is to treat them like little adults. Children are growing and developing rapidly. This means that certain physiological issues must be considered...

I Can't Wait ! We Are Going to Cooperstown.
I Can't Wait ! We Are Going to Cooperstown. My heart soared. We were going to take another trip to The Baseball Hall of Fame. One of my favorite places on earth. Just like the first trip to Upstate New York. I wanted to see the likes of Babe Ruth,...

My Office - Behind the Plate
My Office - Behind the Plate I loved catching - I had the whole game in front of me. I could see everything. Placing the fielders was my job. Seeing whether long fly balls were fair or foul. What the pitcher had or lacked, I saw, as well. Did the...

The Athletic Motion of The Golf Swing
There is really one basic athletic motion which is used in all of athletics. The golf swing is golf's version of this athletic motion. It is the same basic motion that is used to hit a tennis ball, throw a football, kick a soccer ball, or break...

Dan - A Great Coach

Dan - A Great Coach
My wife, my daughter and I had been eagerly anticipating my daughter’s first lesson with Dan, her new batting coach. Of course, we heard how good he was. Our next door neighbor spoke glowingly of Dan’s expertise as a batting coach for girls.
For the first lesson the three of us ( my daughter, wife and I) were nervous about how this arrangement would work out. Would she respond to him, and could she relate to him so they could develop rapport so needed between coach and student? Would his rotational hitting style be the framework from which our daughter could expand her hitting and start driving the ball on a consistent basis? Practicing after the lessons were just as important as the lessons themselves. Would Manteee apply his style? Our concerns were soon answered.
After the first lesson, I knew, that Dan was the man. He listened to our daughter. He spoke to her and not at her. I could see that the relationship was developing between my daughter and her coach. She was following his instructions.
After a few weeks, I could see improvement.

Her bat was making that solid sound hitters love to hear when they sting a ball. She was hitting in her league games with more authority. Driving the ball to the outfield. I could see her being much more confident. She is talking doubles and triples for the first time. I am thankful, appreciative and impressed for her
In my opinion if you or your son or daughter is interested in excelling as a hitter, having the right batting coach could make a huge difference. The time spent one on one developing her swing and stance has made my daughter a much better hitter in as little as six weeks.
Do you think Ty Cobb was getting batting tips?

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