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TOP T.E.N Myths Surrounding the Montreal Expos
10 - That the Expos lost its fan base after all the English left in the early 80ís. The Olympic Stadium continued to average over 18 thousand visitors per game until 1997. While they were not leaders in attendance by any stretch, it was still a...

Finding Quality Batting Cages for Sale

Batting cages are an essential tool for any softball or baseball organization. They are used both by batting coaches and by recreational athletes to help improve a batter's speed or to improve his or her accuracy in hitting a ball. However, baseball coaches often need assistance in finding the best places to purchase batting cages.

When browsing batting cages for sale, there are a few options. Because batting cages are used for both commercial and recreational activity, vendors offer a variety of styles and prices, including indoor and outdoor batting cages, as well as portable and tunnel style cages.

Batting cage equipment can be purchased through many sporting goods stores and suppliers. In addition, batting cage equipment can be ordered online and, in some cases, delivered as soon as the next business day. The quality, material, and size of the net and frame will largely determine the price of the batting cages.

Be sure to inquire about a product's warranty.

New batting cages can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The least expensive option is a simple batting cage kit, which can sometimes cost less than $100. Small, portable batting cages start at approximately $400, and larger, heavy duty cages can cost upwards of $1,600.

Depending on where you shop, the price may be negotiable. For example, a baseball coach may find it advantageous to participate in an auction of city equipment, some of which may come from the parks and recreation department. Such opportunities may provide very good values.

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