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Clemens Strikes Out 20, Again; Rocket Repeats Magic 10 Years After
DETROIT--In 1986, Roger Clemens was a young fireballer amidst his first Cy Young season when he struck out 20 Seattle Mariners and established a Major League Baseball record. That same year, Clemens won All-Star Game MVP honors as well as the...

Gamers in the Game
Sometimes at night, while I sleep, I dream that I am the point guard on Michael Jordanís Chicago Bulls. Other nights, I bat cleanup for the Chicago White Sox. If that isnít busy enough, I still often find time to quarterback Jimmy Johnsonís...

My God...It's Full of Stars!
There are not too many opportunities while running a business where there is a defined period of work stoppage, thus giving you the time needed to go over the details of your product or service. Right now, the NHL's little details are eagerly...

The Origins of Baseball.
No one knows for sure where baseball exacted originated. However, most baseball buffs will concur that the sport is based on the English game of rounders. In the United States, baseball became popular in the early 1800's, originally known as...

Unusual Pitching Statistics
Back By Popular Demand Come and See Those Interesting Baseball Stats For some people this is Baseball Fantasy For some people this is Baseball Memorabilia For me it is joy and amazement. I love perusing baseball stats. Walter Johnson - One...

Outdoor Batting Cages

Batting cages are a crucial ingredient in any baseball or softball training regimen. They are used both by batting coaches and by recreational athletes to help improve a batter's speed and accuracy in hitting a ball. Outdoor batting cages are a useful and necessary tool for most teams.
Many communities have commercial outdoor batting cages at outdoor public parks and other areas specifically designated for baseball. These facilities are set up on a rental basis. They can be used for both softball and baseball. Prices vary with the amount of time used. Contact your local parks and recreation department for the location of the batting cages near you.
Climate needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a batting cage, as the elements will affect certain materials differently. A region's humidity level should be noted before ordering a cage made with netting that might mildew easily. Because cold can also affect the durability of netting, make sure that the netting is suited to the region in which the batting

cage will be used.
Outdoor batting cages are used more often during the summer. As baseball and softball are historically spring and summer sports, outdoor batting cages can get quite a work out during the warmer months of the year. It is a good idea to have materials on hand with which to mend outdoor batting cages. They may require mending as the baseball and softball season progresses and the cages are being visited more often.
Outdoor batting cages can also be purchased in a portable style. Indeed, if a team is on the road, they may want to take their own batting cage with them, instead of relying on the park where they will be playing. If flexibility is important, portable batting cages are a sensible choice.
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