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The Base Hit
The Base Hit © William A. Patsis 2004 Sometimes there is that rare moment that causes one to reflect on those matters that are deemed important and deflect those that are not. It is a very humbling experience but a nice feeling nevertheless. I had...

Some Astounding Baseball Statistics.

Some Astounding Baseball Statistics. 

Ty Cobb His lifetime batting average of .367 is awesome. It is downright baffling. Year after year of hitting over .300. His first year was the only year he hit less than .300 Nine years batting .380 or higher. Including and after age 40 he batted .343 When he finished the year he turned 22 he had 765 hits

Lou Gehrig Knocking in over 150 runs in a year seven times.

Rogers Hornsby Hitting over .400 for a five year period. From 1921 to 1925 he hit .401 He even batted .424 in 1924

Cy Young Winning 511 games or Losing 316 times or having 815 complete games. Or pitching 7354 innings in his career. Imagine if he had a reliable bull pen.

Barry Bonds 232 walks in 2002 with 120 of them being intentional base on balls. Maybe the opposition was nervous about pitching to him. He also has 604 lifetime intentional walks. Hank Aaron is number two with 293 intentional walks.

Hank Aaron 755 home runs in his career He never hit 50 in a season. 6856 total bases Stan Musial is number two with 6134 total bases 1477 extra base hits - # one rank This is 100 more extra base hits than # 2 - Stan Musial

Alex Rodriguez From 1998 to 2003 (six seasons) 281 home runs - average 46.8 home runs per year 762 RBIs - average 127 per year 1100 hits - average 183 per year Plus every year he had at least 100 runs


Jimmy Foxx 13 straight years of at least 100 RBIs Four years with at least 150 RBIs

Bob Gibson 1968 season 1.12 ERA, 13 shutouts 4 wild pitches, 28 complete games

Walter Johnson 110 career shutouts 11 years of at least 290 innings pitched

Warren Spahn Won 21 games eight times He had a total of eight wins by the time he turned 25 years of age. He wins 62 games from age 40 to age 42.

Babe Ruth In 1920 and again in 1927 He hit more home runs than every team in the American League.

Mel Ott In the year he reached his 22nd  birthday Up to and including age 22 He had the most runs - 463 Home runs - 115 Total bases - 1233 RBIs - 485 Bases on Balls - 362 Times on Base - 1089 Extra base hits - 266 Of any 22 year old Major Leaguer I guess Mel got an early start.

I am sure there are some more astounding years These accomplishments are a few of my top productions in baseball history.

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