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Carlos Zambrano: Over-Shadowed by Greatness
With Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Greg Maddux and Matt Clement on his staff, Carlos Zambrano has been over-shadowed by other household name pitchers. After todays (May 13th) start, in which Zambrano pitched 8 innings giving up 0 ER and striking...

Contact Lenses A Better Vision Option
There are over 34 million contact wearers in America. The idea of contact lenses has been around for hundreds of years. It is said that the first person to conceptualize the idea of contact lenses was Leonardo da Vinci in the early 1500's. It wasn't...

Making All City - This Was a Great Moment In My Life.
Toward the end of my junior year at Weequahic High School in Newark New Jersey, I started hearing from my friends that I was going to make All City. How did they know I asked myself? In my usual mood of high esteem I was thinking that there was...

Outdoor Batting Cages
Batting cages are a crucial ingredient in any baseball or softball training regimen. They are used both by batting coaches and by recreational athletes to help improve a batter's speed and accuracy in hitting a ball. Outdoor batting cages are a...

The Jack LaLanne Principle
A couple of weeks ago a number of football players from the football team the Minnesota Vikings were revealed to have been part of a cruise on Lake Minnetonka where great quantities of alcohol were consumed and some of the players had sex...

Sports View for February

As the NBA reaches the midseason point most of the talk is of the MVP race, with many tabbing Steve Nash as the early favorite. My question is can a guy who is not even the best player on his team win the MVP? (Shawn Marion is the best player on the Suns.) Yes I will concede Nash deserves some credit for making the players around him even better, and lifting the team to another level. But where would the Cavs be without Lebron James, or would the Heat even be a playoff team, let alone the #1 seed without Shaq?

The other most interesting thing in the NBA in the early going is the collapse of some of the favorites. Many so-called experts had picked Minnesota to finally make it to the promised land, and come out of the Western Conference. Of course the Timberwolves are on the outside looking in at the playoff picture right now. (For the record my pick was not the T-wolves, but the Spurs).

As the baseball silly season winds down, all of the major moves already made, I thought the one signing that went under the radar was the Red Sox signing Matt Clement; my pick for best value signing of the off season. (In depth baseball preview coming soon)

Randy Moss walking out on the Vikings during the final minutes of their game against the Redskins should be the final straw. The Vikings should

seriously be shopping Moss this off season. Its about time people recognize that this is not Moss’s team, but has become Duante Culpeppers’.

Speaking of Culpepper, did anyone else notice that all three quarterbacks for the NFC in the pro bowl are black? (Culpepper, Michael Vick, and Donovan McNabb). It’s about time. –Not too long ago none of these guys would have been given shots at playing the position. Culpepper would have been a linebacker, McNabb a running back, and Vick a corner or receiver. It’s about time the NFL has finally started showing progress. Now hopefully that will translate to sideline/front office jobs.

And for all you closet NASCAR fans (I know you’re out there – there are 10 times more people watching it than admit to it). Keep an eye on Carl Edwards this year, he doesn’t qualify as a rookie, but should have the biggest impact of any of the new regulars. Otherwise Hendricks remains the team to beat, with Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson the preseason favorites. Last years rookie of the year Kasey Kahne along with a resurgent Ryan Newman are Dodge’s best bets, and look for a breakout season from Kevin Harvick.

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