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The first ever recorded sports bets, took place on 10 September 1858, by two spectators watching a game between the Brooklyn Eckfords and the New York Mutuals, placed a 100$ bet as to whether or not John Holden would hit a home run. Holden himself...

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10 - That the Expos lost its fan base after all the English left in the early 80’s. The Olympic Stadium continued to average over 18 thousand visitors per game until 1997. While they were not leaders in attendance by any stretch, it was still a...

Who Is Our Daddy? - George Steinbrenner, That's Who.

Who Is Our Daddy? - George Steinbrenner, That's Who.
Thank goodness the Yankees have him.

Big Daddy, George Steinbrenner, is a Yankee fan's delight. As a Yankee fan I love that so many other fans hate what George has done and continues to do. He gets the players that he needs. He pushes forward to get another championship for his Yankees. I can visualize George sitting in his office making calls to see if the superstar that he so highly touts is close to signing a Yankee contract.
When the Yankees have been in need of a pitcher they get Roger Clemens, or Mike Mussina, or Catfish Hunter, or Randy Johnson. Some of the top pitchers in the game. If it's a slugger they need George brings the best to New York. Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield, Gary Sheffield, or Alex Rodriguez will don the Yankee pinstripes. Having the best for the Yankees and their fans makes all the difference. We know as fans that our team is doing whatever it can to bring in a championship. And when all is said and done - what more can we ask for?
George is relentless. He wants another World Series ring for the Bronx Bombers. Six is not enough for him. Arriving at the playoffs 14 times is not the name of this game. Winning the World Series is the only game in town. I have to admire that kind of pursuit. I have always felt funny when I see a player or an owner in a TV interview rejoice when his team comes in second. Something feels off. Second place is not a prize worth having
But not with George. I love his spirit. I love his attitude about winning. I love winning it all in the fall. Has there been another

owner in any sport, in the last 25 years that has operated with the same intensity that George has had? In any sport? I think not.
Say what you will about the big guy. He is money hungry, he has an ego problem, he stops at nothing, he plays unfair. I do not think he cares. what others are saying He has a cause and a mission. Bring championships to New York.

So I salute you George Steinbrenner, principal owner of my New York Yankees. Thanks for taking the team on your back and going for it all the time. While I may not agree with all your tactics I am fascinated with your ongoing will to win.
Imagine what it must have been like playing dominoes, or marbles or any other game with George when he was a kid. Do you think he had to win?
If Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, or Yogi Berra were playing on another team other than the Yankees and became available through free agency, do you think George would try and get him? What do you think?

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