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Breaking sports news on the internet
There are a lot of places on the internet to get the most up to date sports news, but finding one that has the latest breaking news is quite a trick. What happens to me all the time I will hear a sports score on the news radio station and go crazy...

Carlos Zambrano: Over-Shadowed by Greatness
With Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Greg Maddux and Matt Clement on his staff, Carlos Zambrano has been over-shadowed by other household name pitchers. After todays (May 13th) start, in which Zambrano pitched 8 innings giving up 0 ER and striking...

Croquet Courting
Is Croquet a good courting or dating activity? In the eighteen-hundreds, youth in the British Empire and colonies used croquet as a means of courting. It was a chance for young men and young ladies to spend time together out on the playing field...

Pressure in Youth Sports
Pressure is part of all sports and its impact in youth sports is something we need to carefully evaluate. The spotlight is brightest in baseball; there is simply no place to hide. For the pitcher, batter, catcher and anybody the ball is hit to, all...

Top T.E.N Sports Stories of 2004
In no particular order, these are T.E.N webzine's Top Sports stories in 2004 Red Sox win world series after 86 years.The world series itself was anti-climatic compared to the never before done in baseball comeback from a 3 game deficit over...

Baseball: Reviving the Sport

Baseball: Reviving the Sport
What things are more American than baseball, red, white, and blue, and apple pie? Unfortunately, this revered sport has earned a rather tarnished image over the past years due to strikes, increasing ticket prices, player salaries, and steroid controversies. The sport once considered the National Pastime has suffered from low attendance and decreased media coverage, especially on network television. Even Little League and high school games have been on the decline with negative exposure due to parents pushing children to the extreme, fighting, and becoming increasingly belligerent to the point law enforcement officials must intervene. What is the sport best thought to represent our great nation becoming?
The good news is that Americans have not lost hope. And, this hope comes from the high school, college, and minor league teams. Baseball fans are now flocking to attend minor league games instead of the major league teams that carry a bad name. The recent steroid controversy has shaken baseball fans to the core.
On the other hand, many baseball enthusiasts think that the teams and players in the minor league represent baseball as it used to be in its heyday. The reason is obvious. These talented players play the game for the thrill of the game and not for money. Another factor that has led to their popularity is that the interest in baseball is inherent and overwhelming, and has quietly shifted from the major leagues to high school and college teams. Many diehard baseball flock to see their favorite sport

played by talented individuals who play the game for the thrill of the game. They do not want to miss the opportunity to see baseball played in its true spirit before these players also get discouraged, disheartened, and disillusioned by the professional ranks.
The major league baseball stadiums have lost a majority of their spectators because of the increased cost of admission. If you add up the cost of park admission, parking fees, and food or souvenir prices, it turns out to be quite exorbitant. Many people simply do not have the funds in their budget to attend even a single major league baseball game. On the other hand, minor league games often cost five to ten dollars per ticket, with concessions costing a notable amount less. Even college and high school games are inexpensive and easily affordable by most families, who can spend a day at the ballpark without feeling the pinch.
If major league baseball has disillusioned you, do not give up on the entire sport. In fact, view this as an opportunity to go back to the wholesome roots of baseball and start encouraging minor league, high school and college teams. You will enjoy all the thrills of the game minus the prohibitive costs. So, be sure to enjoy a great day at the ballpark!

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