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Changing Landscape of the NHL

Changing Landscape of the NHL
The changing face of the NHL is very prominent as the first regular season play begins for the 2005-2006 season. Big named players have left big named teams for the previously has-been doorstops of the NHL. It is amazing that sports like baseball have not seen the light, and it is unfortunate that hockey had to learn this lesson the very hard way.
We now have players like Paul Kariya playing in a market where there are only 1.2 million people. For Kariya, though, it is a great move. Nashville has some talent on its team, and embedded coach, and a decent place to live. Money is going to go a lot farther in Nashville than it did in the extremely pricey Anaheim or even Colorado. On top of that if Kariya has a few good years, then he has a golden ticket for the rest of his life in Nashville. He will be a celebrity way past the end of his playing days and will likely never have to pick up a check there ever again.
It is amazing the

spending spree teams went on that previously would not spend an extra nickel to buy new uniforms. Teams like the recently bankrupt Pittsburgh Penguins, hanging by a string Edmonton Oilers and the previously mentioned Nashville Predators, are just a few who have had the flexibility to make moves. On the opposite side of the puck you have the established dominant teams like Detroit, Colorado, New Jersey and New York who are facing a significant crisis due to previous signings.
The bottom line is the players cut of the pie dropped significantly, some 25% in some estimates. However, the result is going to be better for the league, the teams and ultimately the players. Having more teams capable of competing for more players, even with the caps in place is going to be good for the league. Baseball should take note.

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